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The city of Bismarck, North Dakota has been welcoming visitors since the Lewis and Clark expedition crossed the Missouri River in 1804. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state and also a great place to live and work.

Discover North Dakota’s History

The earliest residents of what is now the city of Bismarck were the Mandan Native American tribe. They settled here and built a number of villages that still exist in the area, including Chief Looking’s Village, which is now a park within Bismarck’s city limits.

This was a major trade center and river port for many years. The city developed into a diversified medical, industrial, and government center in the 20th century.

It is also home to several colleges and universities, which provide an excellent source of education and jobs. Some of the major schools in the city include the University of Mary, Bismarck State College and various high schools.

The University of Mary is the oldest college in the state and offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. The school’s main campus is in downtown Bismarck and its smaller campuses are located throughout the city.

Find North Dakota’s Past

The city of Bismarck is the home of the North Dakota Historical Society, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving and interpreting historical information about the state. It also provides education programs in local schools and museums, which are free to the public.

The capitol building is one of the most iconic buildings in the country, and the State Capitol Building in Bismarck is particularly impressive, especially when viewed from the observation deck on the 18th floor. In addition, the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum are other worthwhile attractions to see.

Shop in Bismarck

The retail industry in the city is thriving, with national retailers such as Lowe’s and Best Buy having opened supercenters in recent years. This, combined with the new Pinehurst Square Shopping Center in 2005, makes Bismarck a wonderful place to visit for shopping.

Visit the Capitol Grounds

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Take a Walking Tour of the Historic District

The Capitol Grounds in Bismarck are a lovely spot to visit with family and friends. There are numerous statues and other monuments to honor those who have served the country, and a beautiful view of the state’s Capitol Building can be seen from these grounds.

A stroll through historic downtown Bismarck is an interesting way to explore the city’s rich history. It’s a pleasant walk along the Mississippi River and there are plenty of things to look at, both old and new.

Watch a movie at the theater

Bismarck has several theaters, including the Capitol Shakespeare Society and Sleepy Hollow Summer Theatre. Several other theater groups are also available to perform.

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Eat at a Restaurant in Bismarck

There are a wide variety of restaurants to choose from in Bismarck. Some of the most popular are Pirogue Grill and The Bismarck Diner.

Point of Interest #1 CAWS North Dakota, 521 E Main Ave #250, Bismarck, ND 58501

Point of Interest #2 Nicole DeKrey Real Estate, 505 E Main Ave Suite 50, Bismarck, ND 58501

Point of Interest #3 Roundhouse, 113 S 5th St, Bismarck, ND 58503

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